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  • Chuck

    For future watchers of One Piece. Know that episode 930 was delayed for more than 2 weeks because of the Coronavirus. We are suffering from anime withdrawl. Be glad that you are in the future and are not dealing with such problems!

  • Chuck

    Month 1 of no One Piece

    I’m cold. I’m hungry. No mizu in sight. Ah… that person really liked mizu… what was his name… ah, yes. .. Monkey D. Guffy. Guffy and his crew, Zorso, Sanjeet, Usurp, Nahmean, Choppy, Roslin, Franny, and Bone man.

  • Chuck

    This is day 36.. damn this virus, damn these riots, damn it all!!
    All future watchers.. Episode 930 was supposed to air on April 26th 2020. So, it’s been officially over a month… 36 days.

    TOEI. The Coronavirus has quieted… please release!!! (when you can <3)

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